For check-in, our patients can expect:

Verify all personal information: DOB, address, phone, guardian, insurance. It is very important to make sure we have the correct information for you so we can reach you when necessary, and so we bill the correct insurance.

We will need to make sure the person accompanying the patient is their guardian or has special permission to obtain treatment.

We will ask to take a copy of the patient’s insurance card, if we haven’t already done so this year. If your insurance plan has a co-payment we will collect that at check-in. If you have a balance owed on your account with us, we will ask for you to pay toward that.

We will verify that your child’s correct primary care provider is listed in our record.

We will ask if you or anyone with you at today’s visit has a cough, fever, or sore throat. If yes, we will ask you to wear a mask to help reduce the spread of germs.

If you are a new patient to us, or if our records require updating, we will have some paperwork to complete, and the receptionist will explain it to you.

Last, you will be given a yellow piece of paper at every visit and we will ask you to write your name and relationship to the patient (mom, dad, grandmother, etc) at the top. The medical assistant who comes to the waiting room to get you will ask for that yellow paper.

For check-out our patients can expect:

IMG_0683We will ask you to give us the same yellow paper we handed to you at check-in.

We will make any necessary follow up appointments are scheduled, and give you an appointment card. We will also make sure your next well-child visit is scheduled in the future, and also give you an appointment card for that.

We will double-check that you already have a family dentist, and if you don’t we will give you a postcard-sized paper introducing you to PCHC’s Dental Center.

If your child would like a sticker they can choose one from our supply.

Once you exit back into our lobby, please take a moment to fill out our Patient Satisfaction Survey. The survey is just a few questions answered on a touch-screen monitor. There are 2 monitors available, both next to the lobby bathroom door.