The Key Clinic

Providing Access to Medical Care & Opening Doors to a Healthy Future for Foster Children

The Key Clinic

When a child becomes a foster child, staff of Key Clinic work with the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to gather medical records from previous providers, hospitals, and clinics.

Staff at Key Clinic will schedule an appointment with our social worker to discuss concerns and gather social history.

The staff at the Key Clinic will schedule a Comprehensive Visit for all children in foster care to occur within 30 days.

  • Complete history & physical exam
  • Provide necessary medication and treatment
  • Discuss findings from previous records
  • Coordinate necessary referrals
  • Update immunizations
  • Obtain necessary laboratory work
  • Developmental & Mental Health Screen
  • Vision & Hearing Screen

After the visit, the child’s medical records will be forwarded to their primary care provider (PCP) or DHHS.