Who is accepting new patients for primary care services?

Please call Penobscot Pediatrics at (207)947-0147, Helen Hunt Health Center at (207)827-6128, or Seaport Community Health Center (207)338-6900 to find the right pediatric provider for your child.  You can learn more about our great team of professionals on our Staff page.

How does the walk in work?

232During any hours the walk in is open (see below) you can simply walk into the building and ask to be seen for an illness. You do not need to call first. Our walk in services are for patients 20 years old and younger (but PCHC has other locations that see adults as walk-in) and is open for everyone (you do not have to be patient of Penobscot Pediatrics). Your wait time to be seen can vary, it all depends on how many other people are waiting to be seen and how complicated the other cases are. We have 1 provider scheduled to see all of the walk in patients, but if one of our other providers have an opening in their schedule they will also see walk-ins. Routine appointments that would normally be pre-scheduled with your primary care provider, such as well check-ups, on-going medication issues, follow up appointments, are not appropriate for walk in services. Walk In is for sudden illnesses that you do not want to/cannot wait to be seen for (fever, sore throat, severe vomiting, sprain, etc).

How long does it take to get my prescription refilled?

Once you call your pediatric office (ask for Prescription Line) and leave all of the necessary information (your name, relationship to child, child name and date of birth, name of medication, your phone number, name of pharmacy you prefer) we will process your request within 2 business days.

When should my child get vaccinated?

We follow the CDC/ACIP guidelines for immunizations. Click the following links for more information on when your child should be receiving vaccines:

How do I get a sport/school/camp form completed?

weekly_2013-07-23_pedsEach of these forms had different requirements depending on the school/camp they are coming from. In general, the child must have been seen within the past 1 year for a well-visit before we can fill out the form. If your child has not had a well-visit within the past year, please call our office to schedule one (allow up to 2 weeks from when you call to schedule the visit, depending on how busy our schedule is it may take that long to find you an open appointment). Bring the form with you to that appointment.

If you child has already had their well visit within the past year, then you can fax or mail or drop off the form to us. As long as the form does not require any special work-up we will fill it out within 2 business days of receiving it.

Why do you ask if we have a fever/cough/sore throat every time we come in?

Anyone coming into the building is asked this question because we are attempting to reduce the spread of air-borne germs. If you have a fever, cough, or sore throat it is possible you may be contagious. To stop the spread of those germs we will ask you to wear a mask while in our building.

Why do you ask the same information every time, even if I was just there 2 days ago (insurance, address, phone)?

Believe it or not, we have a reason for each question we ask you. We ask your child’s date of birth to make sure we have the correct child (we may have someone else with the same name who comes here). We must confirm who the adult is that brings the child to the appointment, because we have to make sure you are someone with permission to be getting medical treatment for that child. It is very important that we have the correct address and phone number in our system for those times we need to reach you. We must double-check your insurance information because if we entered it into the system incorrectly, or if you have had a change in insurance, then you may end up with a bill that you shouldn’t have had to worry about.

Why do I have to fill out the form that asks for my income, race, etc?

We gather these statistics so we can show government and other agencies that we treat all children, no matter how much or how little money their family makes or what race they are, or language they speak. Our organization is not for profit, and we are able to receive some funds to help with our expenses as long as we show these statistics.


Don’t see your question on our list?

Just call any of our offices in Bangor, Old Town or Belfast!  Any of staff members would be happy to find an answer for you!